In an increasingly volatile and litigious world wealth accumulation can no longer be the sole focus, it must be combined with asset protection – setting up proper ownership structures for wealth in order to provide privacy and to protect assets. Valant’s lawyers include some of the world’s best-known asset protection experts who are masters at establishing worldwide asset ownership structures. Valant’s asset protection lawyers represent officers and directors of Fortune 500 companies, global Forbes 400 families, members of various royal families, politicians, celebrities, Internet tycoons, Russian oligarchs, and many more. Some examples of what our lawyers do to provide clients with privacy and asset protection include:

• Local and international trust and legal entity structures

• Complex ownership structures for personal and business assets

• Use of nominee and straw-man services

• Representation in lawsuits, regulatory investigations and other legal adversities

• Lawful repatriation of funds and movement of funds across borders