Buying, producing and selling – it’s what businesses do. Raw materials, components and other inputs are acquired through a web of vendor contracts and relationships and the output product is distributed to customers through another, similar web. Shipping; distribution; allocation of risk of damage, loss and theft; and ensuring that you get paid your agreed price – these issues must all be successfully navigated for a business to thrive. Throw the international element into the mix and the complexity and risk multiply.

Valant’s commercial lawyers understand that businesses want to spend their time and energy doing business, not arguing with suppliers over whether a component is within spec or pursuing a customer over a late payment. Valant lawyers have the experience to anticipate problems that arise in commercial relationships and to negotiate commercial agreements to head them off. They strive not merely to solve problems, but to prevent them from coming into existence in the first place.

Here are some examples of what our commercial lawyers do for their clients:

  • Negotiate supply and distribution agreements
  • Draft purchase order and invoice terms and conditions
  • Advise on engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) agreements
  • Negotiate equipment design, manufacture, installation and sale agreements
  • Negotiate long-term vessel charter agreements
  • Advise on shipbuilding contracts