Valant's Entertainment, Film and Media practice group provides insightful and global guidance to our clients in the industry.  With the globalization of financing, production, distribution and licensing, you need the right mix of business savvy and legal expertise. Movies are more than entertainment; they constitute a large and complex industry.  No longer merely the purview of Hollywood, the entertainment, film and digital media industry today is as international as any.  Content is king, and our attorneys guide you through the legal landscape of various platforms to deliver and monetize your film, TV or music properties. Whether acquiring a script; establishing a production company; bringing on investors; engaging vendors for production facilities, equipment or services; or arranging a film's distribution, legal issues abound.

Valant lawyers are versed in the business and legal issues film producers and other industry players face.  We have assisted entertainers and creatives at all stages along the path from concept development to exploitation of the completed project.

Here are some of the ways Valant lawyers assist their entertainment industry clients:

  • Assisting in the acquisition of all necessary rights
  • Formation of single-film and umbrella film production companies
  • Advising on compliance with securities laws when dealing with project investors
  • Negotiating agreements with cast, crew and vendors
  • Advising on domestic and international distribution agreements
  • Software, code and licensing agreements
  • Multimedia game and mobile application development and production agreements
  • Right of publicity and defamation actions on the web
  • Copyright attribution and fair use analysis
  • End User License Agreements (EULA)
  • Cybersquatting & Domain Name Disputes
  • Website privacy policy, terms and conditions
  • Social Media Marketing issues
  • Copyright and DMCA compliance