Valant lawyers have extensive experience in negotiating and structuring domestic and international joint ventures. A joint venture allows the joint venturers to exploit synergies between them while minimizing risk. One joint venturer might bring technical expertise and technology to the table, while the other might have a product line that would benefit from that technology. One joint venturer might have products that it believes can be exploited profitably in another country, while the other may have a distribution network, a sales force or a local manufacturing facility in the target country. Ways in which Valant lawyers can assist joint venture clients include:

• Advising on the appropriateness of a Joint Venture relationship

• Drafting and negotiating Joint Venture Agreements

• Structuring Joint Ventures to minimize tax liability

• Assisting with Due Diligence

• Advising on risk minimization

• Identifying local counsel for International Joint Ventures

• Coordinating with local counsel in International Joint Ventures

• Advising on Joint Venture business entity selection